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What you should know about Obama’s ‘beast’

Obama is due to make his
first presidential visit to
the homeland of his
father when he visits
Kenya on Friday.
From Kenya, Obama will
trace the Great Rift Valley
northward to Addis
Ababa, becoming the first
US president to visit
Obama’s security cars
have already arrived in
kenya and his presidential
car- “the beast” has been
seen in Nairobi.
We take a look at the
features of the
presidential official car,
and why it is of interest;
1. Windows. The
windows on Obama’s
limo are reportedly 5 to 6
inches thick, bomb-proof,
and can withstand armor-
piercing bullets.
The driver’s window is the
only window that opens,
at only 2.75 inches, so the
driver can speak with
secret service agents
outside the vehicle.
2. Doors. The doors are
armour-plated and 8
inches thick.These doors
are the same weight as a
Boeing 757 cabin door. An
additional safety feature
includes steel overlaps
between the seams to
protect against bullets
entering in the space
between the doors and
3. Passenger section. The
area in which Obama
rides is a space of both
security and luxury. This
section generously seats
four and includes a glass
partition that can only be
opened by President
Obama as well as a panic
button for summoning
Obama can still work and
stay connected safely on
his fold-away desktop that
includes a laptop with
secure Wi-Fi capabilities
and a satellite phone with
a direct line to the
Pentagon and the Vice
4. Interior: The interior
of Obama’s limo is
completely sealed in case
of a chemical attack.
Another safety feature
that may possibly be
included on the car is a
lock-safety mechanism
that, in case of
emergency, seals off the
entire car similar to how
a bank vault can be
locked during a robbery.
5. Driver. Obama’s driver
is not just a regular
chauffeur, but a CIA
agent specially-trained
for situations ranging
from driving during
challenging situations to
regular types of
mechanical break-downs
as well as how to handle
any emergency that may
come up. The driver also
has access to helpful
equipment such as a
communications system
and GPS unit in his
6. Defense equipment. In
case Obama comes under
attack while riding in his
limo, there are several
pieces of defense
equipment rumored to be
on board. Night-vision
cameras, pump-action
shotguns, and tear-gas
cannons are among some
of those weapons
speculated to be included.
7. Extra blood for the
president. If Obama is
injured during an attack
while in the car, there are
supposedly bottles of the
president’s blood in case
he needs emergency
8. Oxygen and Fire
fighting: Additionally, the
trunk houses an
emergency oxygen supply
and firefighting
9. Tires. The beast is
equipped with specially
designed, Kevlar-
reinforced, shred and
puncture-resistant tires. If
indeed someone or
something was able to
destroy the tires, the car
also has steel rims and a
run-flat device so that if
the tires are disabled, the
car can still drive at high
speeds to escape any
imminent danger.
10. Body. To fend off
anything from bullets to
rocks, the body of the car
is composed of a mixture
of hard and soft material
that work to halt and
dissipate the energy of the
projectile so that no
matter what type of
projectile may be hurled
toward the car, the
outside protection will not
be penetrated. Typical
materials used for these
types of cars are a
combination of dual-
hardness steel, aluminum,
titanium, and ceramic.
11. It has a twin. The
actual Beast has an
identical car that travels
together with it to create a
distraction as well as
other cars that look like
them. Both the Beasts are
functionally identical,
while the rest of the
vehicle looks like the
Beast, but are used to
carry other high ranking
Government officials and
state guests. There are 12
Beasts in service.
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